How much does it cost to open an account on the Epitomers Distribution LLC website?

By simply following the instructions you find on the sign-up page and nothing else. Registering yourself on Epitomers Distribution LLC is completely free of cost.

What are the benefits and perks of being an Epitomers Distribution LLC member?

Becoming a loyal customer of Epitomers Distribution LLC comes with munificent privileges. You receive product offers, discounts, updates, and exclusive membership points; other bonuses ebb and flow all year around.

How do I place my order on Epitomers Distribution LLC ?

Just like you do on any other website; by simply clicking on the product and clicking on buy. But please make sure you choose the right product particulars like size, color, and quantity before making payment

What is the minimum quantity requirement of items/products I can order at Epitomers Distribution LLC ?

It varies from product to product; and also depends on discounts, deals, sizes, and prices. Keep in mind that, the Minimum Opening Order is $1,500 | Re-Order: $250 bulk discount

Is business ownership a prerequisite prior to ordering in bulk orders?

No, you do not! But it would be better to buy at least a decent amount of articles if not wholesale, and not less than that. Know that we mostly deal bulk orders but procuring fewer products isn’t out of the question.

How can I cancel my orders and is there any time frame for cancellation?

Yes, but you can cancel your ordered item(s) within 24 hours otherwise you’ll not be entertained with cancellation whatsoever. However, we are open to discussing any special cases you may have regarding your refund requests. Therefore, feel free to send us any tangible proof as it will help us resolve your issue at the earliest. We recommend you double-check the items you’re buying. Also, do thorough research from your side ensuring there’s no need for cancellation in the first place. We will not be responsible for consumer negligence; legal action is foreseeable in case of constant irresponsibility from the buyer side. Please also note that Epitomers Distribution LLC holds the right to approve or reject your cancellation request. Therefore, better you go through your orders thoroughly before ordering.

Do you provide private dropshipping services?

. No, we don’t offer dropshipping services. However, you can request us to deliver your parcel to a specific city’s courier office. But it solely depends upon Epitomers Distribution LLC whether it confirms dropshipping service or not.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payments made through bank deposits and also accept credit and debit cards.

Are sales taxes, shipping charges, and levy charges avoidable under any circumstance?

Only a few countries and US States waive taxes and levy charges, but only for specific items. Please keep in mind that evading charges and fees for different shipping and hauling channels nowadays is unlikely. And the biggest reason is the unstoppable climb in global inflation.

Do you offer high-quality products?

We only sell world-class quality brand articles; and never place counterfeit products on our website. So, be at ease whenever you order something from our website without worrying a bit.

What is the average shipping cost?

At Epitomers Distribution LLC , we follow shipping charges as outlined by international laws, tailored to the specific country we’re shipping to. Also, if you have your own prepaid UPS or FedEx shipping labels, it would be really helpful for handling any rising extra shipment fee. Don’t worry, if any surplus fee pops out from nowhere, we’ll definitely inform you as soon as possible.

Does Epitomers Distribution LLC provide international shipping or conduct nationwide business only?

Yes, Epitomers Distribution LLC offers international shipping to customers residing in the USA.

Do you guys offer free shipping services, exclusive price cuts, and seasonal discounts?

It all depends upon our policies and the country we’re shipping to. Yes, we also offer discounts and deals but also reserve the right to halt and deny them to all – or certain customers.